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Raiya is our little entertainer.  No matter when or where, you will find her singing, dancing and smiling.  Raiya has been fortunate to have had so many wonderful teachers at FSMPA to guide her in exploring her passion.  She has enjoyed all of her experiences at FSMPA from musical theater to piano and now voice.  The talented and caring staff at FSMPA have really enabled Raiya to blossom and flourish in developing her many talents. She is so excited for this year.  We are constantly surprised and delighted with what she and her teachers have been able to accomplish.  Our hearts are bursting with pride." - Brijesh

The teachers are great. Each are patient and have a full understanding about their subject and how to teach it. Furthermore, the admin staff are just as wonderful. My son had problems finding his niche. They worked with us to help him find which instrument excited him.

Our family really appreciates how well run all the programs and performances are at the Frisco School of Music. Music lessons have become a big part of Haley's life.

It is well worth the investment of time and money for the knowledge she will keep with her for her lifetime. Her guitar teacher has introduced her to new styles of music and instruments. -- Lisa Flagg, Parent

Thank you for all you do for our children. We are beyond pleased with our experience so far. Music & the Arts are important, and we are so happy to be a part of this family. My daughter cannot wait to get to school each day.

​~ Denise A.

♥ SO thankful for the teachers at Musical Arts Schoolhouse who inspired our daughter to love languages and learning [Spanish/English dual language]. My husband and I are SO excited to say that our daughter was selected to be enrolled the Prosper ISD Dual Language Program for the Fall. We are over-the-moon excited for her for so many reasons. And so the acceptance letter got a little crumpled when we danced around the kitchen when we got it on Saturday! Proud parent moment; I'm sure the first of a lot of moments for this kiddo.

~B. Y. mother of two-year MAS student, Preschool and Kindergarten

​It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday and thank you for the in-depth overview of your organization. I knew the company was top-notch, but I left the meeting in awe of not only the back office professionalism and processes, but the amount of programs you offer. Awesome experience. I’m not joking: the way you passionately present your organization to prospective teachers will allow you to consistently acquire and retain the best instructors, and turn out a consistent high quality experience for your students. Wow!

~ Grant S.

Thank you so much for all of the attention and care you and the other teachers have provided to (our child) during her first encounter with the school setting. We especially appreciate your notification to my husband that she had easily calmed down after he dropped her off yesterday with the special touch of including a picture of her. It is such a luxury to leave a child at school with complete confidence because we know the care provided is excellent. Thank you for your staff and all that you do. This is (our child's) first venture into structured education or child care of any kind and we know that she has a ways to go but we can already see leaps and bounds of progression. Thank you for all that you and your wonderful staff do for children.

~ KP - happy mom of MAS student, Preschool and Kindergarten

I am sending you and your staff lots of love and thanks. You all have made such a positive impact on both of our kids. I could not thank you enough for helping bring out the best in both our son and daughter. They have become more confident and enjoy being on stage, especially my little one. We may have a future performer in the family!

~ S.T. Happy Mom of Kinder and Preschool Students

Our daughter's teacher has brought joy to our girls through the art of vocal song. She consistently motivates and encourages them to practice and enjoy their musical gifts. I'm thankful that she encourages the girls to work on music theory. Sometimes I'll find my girls working on music theory instead of other homework. They always want to work on theory and voice vocalizing first! I love hearing them sing together and express their heart for song.

~ Crystal Stone

Private Piano Lessons are really good! They also have several performances throughout the year that are included in your membership, Teachers are great and communicate well with parents, Conveniently located on Preston and Main St. Also in membership are included all books and materials.

~ Adryq Q. Plano, TX

My son is in the Thurs. group lesson for piano. He has​ an exceptional teacher & has really motivated my son. We could not be happier with the class and the teacher​ as well.

~ Heather Sayre, MS, LPC

The Frisco School of Music is equipped with a talented pool of instructors with significant music qualifications. In addition to the technical aspects of the teaching, FSM does a tremendous job of installing confidence in their young students. Finally, FSM really engages the entire family in every performance and even include live streaming video for distant family members. We are thankful to FSM for encouraging our daughter and greatly enjoy the Coffeehouse Performances!!!

Our son has been a student with the school for nearly 2 years and we couldn't be more pleased with his progression on the violin. We recently got to see a live performance of him and many of the other students of the school and what talent!

I have been a teacher this past year at the Frisco School of Music. Everyone is so supportive and friendly. I am lucky to have had a great group of voice and piano students with supportive parents. ​Very professional and everything is managed so well.

We love Frisco School of Music! This school is structured professionally as a learning community to help its students thrive. Teachers and office staff/admin are equally friendly and helpful. My son has made leaps and bounds during his two years as a student.

His private lesson teacher continues to challenge and pace his learning appropriately. He uses theory practice, and curriculum song books mixed with songs of my son's choice to keep things interesting.

My son is also given the opportunity to perform several times a year in a coffee house performance which has done wonders for his confidence. We love being able to see him play in a performance setting! He looks forward to these events as well.

I feel confident in the knowledgeability of the staff and would recommend this program for anyone looking for a quality music learning experience for their child.

Having been part of the FSM Faculty for two years now, the management is very good, and they have always been courteous and respectful. My relationship with students and their parents is extremely good.

I was nervous about starting music classes as an adult, but the Frisco School of Music has been wonderful about making me wonderful and letting me work at a pace I am comfortable with. I would recommend them to anyone of any age for beginning or furthering music lessons.

Music is an all encompassing commitment. Not only in the relationship between the student and their instrument, instructor to their student , yet most importantly in the responsibility of a parent and the commitment they knowingly and willfully signed their name to. Music is much more than rooting from the sideline and not worrying ever about missing a practice or game. It's not the team that suffers, it's your child.

Being a single mom I make sacrifices to have my child attend each and every one of her music lessons. Should there come a time that I needed to move my child to better fit her lesson into our demanding schedule, FSM has been beyond accommodating. Whenever I needed to review my child's progress, receive any opinion or guidance, my questions were immediately answered and in the most timely professional manner not only to my satisfaction, but most importantly to my child's satisfaction.

I understand the simple agreement I signed, and more so understand the struggles the instructors endure doing and teaching what they love... music. I have spent more than twenty years in the music business, so I know the struggles and ultimately those struggles early on made me the balanced and appreciative parent I am today I only wish this on my child and I see it ever so graciously after every music lesson.

What I love about FSM is simple. It's in the all inclusive incentives afforded to each student beyond the instruction. The yearly membership not only includes the freedom to schedule a simple half hour or forty five minute session, but much more. Books, strings, tuners, metronomes, foot stools, use of power amps, rosin, shoulder rests, lets just say that supplies are in abundance for any instrument. Missed lessons are easy to reschedule, and it is understood that one day is conveniently reserved for any make up sessions.

Activities, awards, and performances are regularly scheduled and the ability to test for the Texas State Theory test is most intriguing. I didn't have to lengthen my search for the right school, so thank you FSM. No other music school provides as much and I believe that in time, more incentives will be afforded to any student at FSM.

​So thank you FSM. You can't make everyone happy unless you understand your own commitment to happiness.

Since our daughter started taking piano lessons at the Frisco School of Music the piano has become her favorite "toy". At 3 years old she can already play three songs from memory and has started reading music. Furthermore, she has begun playing the songs she has learned on other instruments on her own, including hand bells, her toy xylophone and the musical buttons on her infant sister's toys.

​Her love of music has been fostered by the high-quality instruction she has received from her teacher Mr. Jordan. His passion and patience has emboldened her to try new songs and has given her overall confidence to try new songs and has given her overall confidence. Thank you for helping us foster her talents.

I believe that a musical education is a valuable asset. It is a great outlet for teenagers. My son has been taking lessons at the Frisco School of Music since the doors opened! I've watched him grow and learn and I am in awe of what he has accomplished on the piano and guitar. Even when Logan moves away for college, I will still support the Music School. It has been a wonderful addition to our community. -- Anne Ford, Parent

DayRockerZ summer camp was really cool. We split into two bands, then we started picking out songs to play. We also wrote a song. It was fun to work together making the band name and writing songs. Music has helped me with other things like memorizing poems for school. -- Logan Ford, Student.

I taught at the Frisco School of Music for 6.5 years, during which time I was an instructor for private guitar and bass lessons as well as several labs and camps.

One thing I always appreciated about FSM was all the programs and activities we could offer outside of our weekly lessons. One of the most popular is definitely the school bands, which provide an easy way for kids to learn and play together with structured rehearsals and regular performances.

I loved the fact that all of my private students also had the opportunity to perform to an audience several times a year. This not only gives them invaluable experience on stage, but also goals to achieve and gratification to look forward to.

FSM has a wonderful 20+ studio facility and staff that take care of any materials or equipment necessary for the lessons; so I didn't have to worry about anything but teaching and the students didn't have to worry about finding books, tuners, metronomes, etc.

I think a big reason why the Frisco School of Music has become the fastest growing music school in north Texas is because of the diversity of choices, offering instruction on nearly any instrument and accommodating all ages, levels, and aspirations. -- Jesse Coulter

I was searching for places that I could put my daughter in music lessons. So, I went on the internet and it looked like the Frisco School of Music was a good place. Also, here with the theory classes (Rock School) and with other kids doing the same thing and recitals and things like really helps. About first since she was just 6 years old I had to lay down the rules and sit with her to practice, but then she got into a routine and it became a lot easier. Now she practices in the morning because she's fresh and when you play music you are kind of in a rhythm for the day. -- Maryanne Lobo, Parent

I was interested in piano. I like lots of different kinds of songs. I have had several different teachers here and they were really nice...(they) like to give me the up-beat songs, faster songs...a mix of songs. The theory (Rock School) definitely helps...and also playing with other people definitely helps. It is cool to hear different instruments and songs, different variety. I don't feel nervous anymore...just feel good about playing! -- Anisha Lobo, Student

I have worked in guitar faculty at the Frisco School of Music for almost 3 years now. I teach a little bit of all styles but, rock, blues, and metal is really my specialty.

​I have played the guitar for close to 20 years now, went to Loyola New Orleans and University of North Texas, studying viola, classical guitar, jazz guitar, as well as being educated in music theory and arranging.

I enjoy teaching rock, blues, and metal because I do believe there is a science behind much the right and left hand technique that a lot of players just don't bother to learn these days.

At a first lesson, I will ask a student what they want to learn, what they already know (if anything), and give them something easy to play so I can figure out what needs to be worked on in the way of technique in order to progress. I try to balance out the assignments with an even amount of music reading, right/left hand communication techniques, and something fun to play so the students can hear their progress.

I also hold workshops involving advanced techniques for moving faster and having a finite knowledge of the fretboard and the shapes covering it that make up many of the cool, commonly heard patterns in rock that many young players are very eager to know how to play.

I focus a lot on tone, because as seen from players like B.B. King, or Eric Clapton, it isn't always about a bunch of notes, but just a few, played very nicely. I believe thats important for young players getting into the rock side of music to know as well.

For the performances, I will pick a piece that shows off the students best abilities, which builds confidence, a big factor in becoming a good musician. If a suitable piececan not be found, then I will write one, to cater to the students specific skills, but also challenge them in a way they haven't been before.

If you don't play things that challenge you, then you don't get any better.
The administration faculty helps with number one, getting me students of course! Of course they also help with many other important things to make this ship sail, such as getting students and teachers the right materials to create a good teaching and learning experience, a good environment for learning pretty much any style of music on any instrument, and are easy to communicate with in resolving any issues that may arise with a concerned parent, student, or any other sort of problem in rare instance that one occurs.

Overall my teaching experience here has been a very good one, and I believe the same sentiments go for the students and parents involved with the Frisco School of Music. -- Glenn Wallace

My family really feels at home at the Frisco School of Music. It is so great that both of my children can have their piano lessons and music theory classes at the same time. I love that time, while they are in their lessons, I work on my lap top in the lobby waiting area, the wireless connection is awesome.

The Frisco School of Music has always been very accommodating to my children, they get exposure to different instruments in the Rock School class, and they really enjoy that. We all look forward to music lesson day, it has become a fun part of our weekly schedule, after lessons each week, we pick up dinner from one of the restaurants right next door. -- Guz Family

My name is Chaz Underriner and I have worked for he Frisco School of Music for almost two years. I am about to graduate with my Bachelor's degree in Music from the University of North Texas.

​I have been playing guitar for 9 years and I have studied classical guitar at the college level as well as played numerous concerts for over 5 years.

The Frisco School of Music is a great place to work because of the flexibility it provides in meeting the educational needs and musical interests of my students.

FSM is a great place both to take music lessons and to teach because of the great musical knowledge and experience of the teachers and the customizable lesson format for the student.

It is a great place to work because the administration is very helpful for the teachers in providing equipment, information and acquiring students. The work environment is very friendly and one of my favorite parts of this job is meeting other musicians and learning about them and their experiences.

I have learned a lot teaching at the Frisco School of Music because of the diversity of students both in age and interest, which presents new and interesting challenges.

I really missed music in my life. I used to play the piano and cello when I was in school and in community orchestra, but I set music lessons aside to raise my family. Now that our son has grown up, I decided to do something new and exciting for myself. Since I was always interested in the flute this was the perfect time to begin lessons.

​I found the Frisco School of Music on line and took a chance! I was so pleased to find such a helpful staff and a wonderful teacher. He inspires me at each lesson! The positive reinforcement makes me want to continue to learn and practice.

The Frisco School of Music has confirmed that my decision to return to music lessons was the right choice. Music brings joy to your life and you are never to old to learn something new! -- Linda MacArthur

Since I have taught at the Frisco School of Music for almost 2 years now, and it has been a pleasure to watch my students progress. With a BM in Jazz Composition & Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music and a MM in Jazz Studies, Piano Performance, from the University of North Texas, I am in a unique position to teach piano technique, jazz aural skills and theory, small-group leadership & supportive roles, and improvisation.

​The Frisco School of Music has been a wonderful environment to develop my personal teaching method, and director Chris Duncan has allowed me the creative freedom to explore new ways of teaching jazz to youngsters.

A little about myself: I have performed or collaborated with artists Ray Price, G Koop, Brad Leali, Rosana Eckert, Michelle Weir, and Lee Oskar. I have worked as the Assistant to the Director of the Addison Jazz Festival for the past five years. Under the direction of Craig Marshall, I helped administer this three-day event and presented artists Chick Corea, Christian McBride, Roy Hargrove, Kenny Barron, The Yellowjackets, and Tierney Sutton. I scored the independent film "Belonging" for director Jeff Archuleta and I won "Outstanding Original Score" for my work on "Lazarus Go Home (The Unnamed)" at the February 2010 Scary Cow Film Festival in San Francisco.

Teaching jazz to young musicians has become a passion of mine. Listening to jazz is like learning a new language, and most young students are still developing their basic musical vocabulary. Many consider jazz to be an inferior art form to classical, while many regard it to be vastly superior and more difficult medium. I think that it is more accurately described as a language and a way of life, requiring an inquisitive nature and a desire to understand the inner workings of music. Jazz is the history of a culture willing to improvise and adapt.

FSM has given me an avenue to bring this rich music to kids, and therefore I am able to stay firmly grounded in my own musical foundations. -- Graham Richards

The Frisco School of Music is an artist's gem! My daughter has been coming here for over a year and she loves it!

They offer a variety of lessons from music, dance, art, and acting. My daughter has taken dance, art, and acting. They offer group and private lessons in pretty much whatever your child has an interest in.

They even have an awesome preschool/kindergarten program, The Musical Arts Schoolhouse. I would've sent my daughter there for preschool but I needed longer hours. The director of the preschool, April, is so sweet.

The facilities are phenomenal. They have two buildings, one for their preschool and music program and the other for Performing Arts.

All in all, I have been very happy with the Frisco School of Music. Their prices aren't the cheapest, but my daughter loves it and her acting teacher Shelby is awesome!

~ Marjika K

I wanted to take a moment to share how happy we are with our decision to enroll Tyson. Thus far he is LOVING school.

Prior to enrolling, he didn’t want to go to school. It was a battle every morning. He was okay once he got there but he was not a fan of going.

Now fast forward and this Friday he told me that he told his teachers to call me because he wanted to go back to school at night time while Mommy and Daddy went to a movie. Needless to say, I was in total shock. Also this Sunday, he was confirming that he gets to go his new school on Monday and each and every morning my Hubby tells me that Tyson leaves him high and dry to get into the classroom as opposed to moving as slow as possible and having to talk him through it.

He is loving the individual attention. At his previous school, they did wonders academically, however due to the class size the teacher’s helper was only able to attend to the kids that caused a fuss. In return, this meant Tyson remained in a shell until we picked him up. I can see this changing already and look forward to him becoming more vocal and confident outside of the house.

Lastly, I received the first report of Tyson not listening in school last week. He’s been in school/daycare since he was 13 months. Although I wasn’t happy with this report, in reflection it shows that he is comfortable and for that we are grateful.

Please share this feedback with all who come in contact with my threenager.


~ Melba M​