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Our FACULTY andADMINISTRATIVE STAFF are dedicated to excellence.
“Providing students of all ages with
the skills to enjoy performing arts for a lifetime.”


WE ARE GROWING!!! FSMPA is the largest private music and arts school in the North Texas area. Over 1200 students, 40-50 part-time and full-time teachers/staff, open 7 days a week, 33 professional teaching studios and classrooms, our own Frisco Performing Arts Center on campus for all shows and events. 

Teaching success, self-confidence and leadership through music and the performing arts. 

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday – Thursday 3:30-9:00 pm, Friday 3:30-7:00 pm, Saturday 9:30am-1:30 pm, Sunday 2:00-5:00 pm. 

We are currently interviewing for full-time and part-time teachers and staff for: 
      Teachers make a minimum one-year commitment, sign a yearly contract through July for each year, and lock in       their chosen teaching days with FSMPA, reducing the need for substitute teachers.
       • PIANO
       • VOICE  
       • VIOLIN  
       • DRUMS 
       • ART  
       • DANCE  
·      FRONT DESK ADMINISTRATION full-time entry level customer service
·      FRONT DESK ADMINISTRATION full-time salary managers
·      AUDIO/VIDEO ENGINEERS part-time weekend show schedules
·      SUPPORT STAFF part-time for weekend show events, promotions 


We are seeking out-going, motivating, fun teachers to work for a progressive, organized professional company in a beautiful location. STOP DRIVING ALL OVER THE METROPLEX and COME TEACH WITH US!!! 

We teach beginner to intermediate/advanced students ages 4-teen, and adult. Teach success, self-confidence and leadership through music and the performing arts. Share what you LOVE! 

Many of our teachers have advanced degrees or years of real-world playing/performing experience. Teaching certificate is not required.
            ·     We are set up differently than some other schools in the area. We have tons of benefits for teachers (see                    teacher comments below).
            ·     Our teachers are EMPLOYEES (we pay half your taxes)
 ·     W2 Job  - We pay 50% of your FICA taxes
·     Flexible schedule – choose the days you want to work to lock in for teaching.
·     Some teachers are 2-3 days a week, others 5-6days a week.
·     We fill teachers schedules with massive advertising and marketing 
·     We supply all printed student music, scripts and supplies (teachers order from school) 
·     Studios are set up with acoustic/digital pianos, drum sets on site, mics and amps, marker boards, school iPads, large fully equipped group teaching studios, all student supplies and awards, etc. 
·     We set up all shows and performances (no venue fees) 
·     Never deal with collections (our office handles student fees)
·     We pay for your back-ground check fees
·     School covers liability insurance
·     Never reschedule weekly lessons (all make-ups by workshop or recorded video lessons)
·     Large holiday weeks off (private school yearly calendar) – enjoy your family time (not paid)
·     Get trained on how to keep students and make more money (exclusive teacher training program)
·     Many long-term teachers on Faculty (TeacherContract through July: if you can't stay next school year, no hard feelings!)
·     Positive and encouraging environment - FUN!
·     and more.  

·     MUSIC TEACHER: Thank you so much for the awesome training meeting today! It was so informative and was an awesome environment to feel open to asking questions, and also to hear other teachers' questions that I might have had too!! I was in the hospitality industry for over 10 years, from being an employee to a general manager, and so I understand, to an extent, the complexity of running and operating a large business. And I have to say, the way you run your school and the teachers and front desk staff, along with management, is remarkable. The attention to details, the organization, communication, how finely tuned the entire school is run. You truly cover all bases, and I’m just always impressed with management and how friendly all the staff is. I truly feel blessed for the opportunity to teach at your school!

·     MUSIC TEACHER: “I love that since I have been working at FSMPA I have dependable income, many more than 5   students like the other studio promised (it's hard to get started with a studio) and I don't need to plan my own recitals. The entire faculty at FSMPA are very kind and welcoming. From department managers to the entire front desk staff, to the teachers, all of them are very kind and wonderful people. It is a very nice feeling to be a student's first teacher. Seeing their progress just warms the heart immensely.”

 ·     MUSIC TEACHER: "I just wanted to say that I have absolutely loved my time (teaching) here at FSMPA. It's been so awesome to see students get enthusiastic about music and be someone to help guide them along, and be excited with them as they achieve their goals. The staff and other teachers have been kind and helpful to me and the level of organization the school has is truly impressive and honestly a breath of fresh air compared to other similar schools or music teaching establishments I have seen! This is certainly an experience I will never forget and will hold on to fondly in my memory."

 ·     MUSIC TEACHER: “I have always experienced inconsistency when it came to driving to students' homes for lessons. They either weren't there, cancelled last minute, or I never got paid on time (sometimes didn't). The children were also far too comfortable in their homes and were distracted during their lessons due to their surroundings and didn't take the lesson seriously. Other siblings would interrupt lessons, or the student wanted to go to the kitchen for water/snacks etc.”  

·     MUSIC TEACHER: “There are several opportunities throughout the year for your students to perform and opportunities for your students to better their musical education through theory test prep and taking the music exam. The teachers/staff are AWESOME and you will become apart of a wonderful team. It is so satisfying and such a wonderful feeling to work with students and really see them excel. It is also wonderful to be able to walk into the school, all materials provided, performances and the rest of the events already scheduled throughout the year. . You just get to focus on being the BEST teacher you can be and make your students your priority, help them in every which way and do everything in your power to help them succeed as wonderful musicians!” 

·     MUSIC/MUSICAL THEATRE TEACHER: "I so appreciate my time teaching for FSMPA and can honestly say I have never been treated better or paid better by any other employer. I would 100% recommend any of my friends to work for FSMPA." 

·     DANCE TEACHER: "The students here are so sweet and fun, and parents are very very nice (not the case in all studios I have taught at). I just LOVE the way they organize the shows - no costumes for parents to buy - they have their own at the school and no parent drama about sizing and gouging of prices to pay for them. Just a note here - I always got my monthly paycheck (again, not the case in other studios I have been at)."  

·     MUSIC TEACHER: “All the marketing is handled by the School and not the teacher. I just show up and have 30-40 students per week. Other schools could only get me 8 students because their focus was on selling retail and not building a lesson program.”  

·     MUSIC TEACHER: “Space! Obvious for the drummers and the drum cave but also the other studios. I don't know of many studios that have 4 drum sets set up in one room or offer labs. They update equipment regularly. Make-ups are much easier. No rescheduling. No missing pay because students missed a class. Taxes are handled (I already hate dealing with paying quarterly taxes). I don't have to tell the kids to go buy a book they need -the school takes care of all books. 

·     MUSICAL THEATER TEACHER: “Thank you for all of your help (Department Manager) for coordinating the appealing short scripts and themes for the three yearly variety shows. Plus the costumes. My young students really had a chance to shine on stage – all age appropriate – and the parents absolutely love the classes”. 

·     MUSIC TEACHER: “Large student base - gaps in teaching schedule are quickly filled because of marketing techniques the front desk team employs. Parents are more involved in this environment than teaching in public schools - they often sit in lessons and help the teacher with student practice goals, which I also think helps with student retention. Many performance opportunities for the students means there are always goals for students of all ages to be striving towards, which greatly helps with repertoire selection!” 

·     ART TEACHER: “All the resources and materials I need to teach are right at my fingertips. No worries about billing and getting paid. And the Art Studio is so nice, large, natural light from the window (I am not in a dark dusty back room anymore!).” 

·     MUSIC TEACHER: “The teacher does not have to worry about scheduling/collecting money/etc. Having a support staff is great because the teacher has people and resources other than himself to ensure the success of his class(es). Having a facility to work out of - I would never want to do lessons/classes out  of my home.” 

·     MUSIC TEACHER: "I so appreciate my time teaching for FSMPA and can honestly say I have never been treated better or paid better by any other employer. I would 100% recommend any of my friends to work for FSMPA." 
·     DANCE TEACHER: “I get to just show up and teach these amazing classes, since the lesson plans with music and games are all set.At my other schools it was difficult to coordinate with the other teachers and the Director’s wishes. I have always enjoyed working with younger children in dance and getting to help introduce them to the fun of ballet. The princess themes and stories are a huge plus here.” 

·     ART TEACHER: “Since there are three judged art shows each year, this really helps students feel like they have accomplished concrete pieces. And at the gallery nights, the students ALL receive awards plus theBEST OF awards too.”
·     MUSIC TEACHER: "I wanted to thank you for the support during the last four years (of working at FSMPA). My experience in teaching and working at your school was amazing. I learned a lot from you, my fellow teachers, and staff. I only have words of gratitude about my time at your outstanding school and program." 

ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF We hire customer service specialists to help our school families and students have an amazing experience at FSMPA. This is YOUR chance to make a positive difference in someone’s life, since families are looking for ways for their children to succeed in life….through music and the performing arts. 

Join our customer service team as part of our professional administrative team. Many team members stay with us for years. 
·     Flexible work schedule (some mornings FREE).
 Each of our Admin Team Members agrees to work this following schedule, since the School is open seven days a week.
-    40 hours/week
 -      Some day shifts during the week 'till 6:00 –6:30pm
 -      Some evening work shifts during the week (no later than 9pm)
 -      One weekend day required (Saturdays 9am - 3pm orSunday 1pm-5pm)
·     This is your opportunity to do MEANINGFUL WORK and make a difference. Come share our vision of excellence and help families choose music and arts activities for their children.
·     Do you have a great phone voice, and even love...paperwork??? (NO COLD CALLS)
·     Move up to SUPERVISOR if you can excel (yes, you can move up).
·     Friendly and warm culture, help families choose meaningful activities for their children and themselves!
·     Be a customer service warrior, smiling through each service situation and respond with empathy.
·     Look OVER THE TOP professional, likes to stay busy.
·     Be open to improving and growing your skills  

ADMIN STAFF: “I love working here. The training and support from the Managers and Owner is amazing. Lots of details of what to say to help families and make sure I can be successful. Thank you so much for the opportunity.” 

ADMIN STAFF: “I am so thrilled to move up to the next level of customer service since I started at entry level. Thank you for believing in me and helping me learn so much. The weekly training and support is priceless.I tell my friends all about my wonderful job.” 

ADMIN STAFF: "I've worked at other schools. No other studio is growing like you!" 

ADMIN STAFF: "Working for FSMPA has been a wonderful experience that has afforded me many valuable opportunities to learn and grow as a leader. I am ver y grateful to be part of this team."

ADMIN STAFF: "I enjoy working in such a creative environment. I have grown as a team leader and have learned to lead by example. Love me team!"

ADMIN STAFF: "I love working here. The environment, staff and students are all great and I would definitely recommend fSMPA to other people.

ADMIN STAFF: "Great! All management was easy to work with and are amazing. Awesome, very friendly and helpful".

MORE Testimonials from our Teachers:

MUSIC TEACHER: "I wanted to thank you for the support during the last four years (of working at FSMPA). My experience in teaching and working at your school was amazing. I learned a lot from you, my fellow teachers, and staff. I only have words of gratitude about my time at your outstanding school and program." 

MUSIC TEACHER: “Thanks to you and your supportive team, I am having such a nice time working at FSMPA as well as learning many new things through my students and the faculty. Please know that I’m always thankful for this opportunity..Thank you, and looking forward to the next year at FSMPA!”

MUSIC TEACHER CANDIDATE: "First and foremost, thank you for the opportunity to come and shadow teachers at FSMPA yesterday! I am very impressed, and almost in awe at the strong and thorough curriculum that you have in place for the students at the school and found it to be very interesting to see that curriculum in action at different skill levels throughout. This is genuinely the first time I have seen a large-scale private music school with such an effective program for kids of all ages, as most of my experience has been in private, one on one environments, or through a music school acting as more of a middle-man (providing location and students, but not much more)."

MUSIC TEACHER: "Teaching at the Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts has engaged my creativity and helped me grow as a teacher. I love how the front desk fills my schedule and I don't have to worry about not having enough students to teach. I have grown in confidence teaching, and I value the time I spend learning with my students."

MUSIC TEACHER: "... I just want to tell you how much I truly love and enjoy everything about working with all of you at the Frisco School of Music.All of my students give me enough light to keep going and pushing through my weeks, and all of my fellow teachers are so inspiring that I can't help but strive to be a better teacher, student, and human being. Thank you for letting me be a part of this great place!"

MUSIC TEACHER: "I have taught at the Frisco School of Music for almost 2years now, and it has been a pleasure to watch my students progress. The School has been a wonderful environment to develop my personal teaching method, and the Director has allowed me the creative freedom to explore new ways of teaching jazz to youngsters.”

MUSICAL THEATRE TEACHER: "I dropped my hours at another studio because YOU fill up my availability!"

DANCE TEACHER: "FSM is like a well-oiled machine. You guys know exactly what you are doing. I love your philosophy. I love what this school stands for.This is seriously the best studio I've ever worked for."

​MUSIC TEACHER: "I was a trained musician when I started working here, with lots of teaching experience. But the teacher training you offer and the opportunity to observe other teachers has really made teaching so much more fun and rewarding for me.Thanks so much!"

DANCE TEACHER: "One of the most challenging obstacles any dance or arts instructor faces is finding the perfect studio. I am happy to have found a home at Frisco School of Music and Performing Arts with Chris Duncan. The faculty and staff at FSMFSPA welcomed me with open arms and incredible support from my first day and have provided me with the opportunity of teaching ballet to many talented students.”

DANCE TEACHER: “The communication between staff and administration is efficient, any possible supplies, training, or music I may request is available on site, and I am free to focus on providing the best experience for my young dancers. With a professional dance studio on campus, my students are able to practice both floor and barre work in a very spacious area with floor to ceiling mirrors. As a lifelong dancer, it is wonderful to be able to share my knowledge in the most professional of schools with the crème de la crème of clients! I could not ask for anything else in a dance studio, working with Chris and her staff is truly an amazing experience."

ADMIN STAFF: "Good, communication channels are very open".

ADMIN STAFF: Management feels like family, very positive. Professional yet personal."