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Summer Camps

The world needs music and the arts! Are you playing your part?

Get Ready for an amazing Frisco Best Summer Camp Season at FSMPA.

Camps for ages 4-14! Choose one week or all.

Half-Day/Full Day Camps with Music|Art|Dance|Theatre
Intro-to-Music Instrument Camps
Music Instrument Sampler Camps
Musical Theatre Stage Camps



1. DAY CAMPS - AGES 4-11      
    Weekly camps Mon. - Fri. Sign up for one week or all 7!
- New Theme Each Week (see camp grid below)
     Daily: Campers rotate each day through Music, Art, Dance, Theatre classes and afternoon Camp Classics (if full day)
Music campers will get to sing along to weekly popular songs while exploring different instruments. We’ll play singing games and learn about tonal & rhythm patterns through song, instruments, and movement.
•Theatre, daily expression/emotion activities while learning performance tips, team building games, getting on our classroom stage to act out skits.
• Art they’ll create 4-5 mini masterpieces (mixed media) inspired by the theme of the week.
• Dance class we feature jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop &tumbling throughout the week where they’ll learn dances that go along with popular music and get to create their own dance.
Full Day Campers will enjoy our Camp Classics where we will explore fun classic camp activities put into three sections for the afternoon – Art/Movement/Camp Classic activities, games, crafts, etc.

Day Camps: Typical Day
·     Camp check-in is 8am-8:30am
·     Students arrive at their homeroom (up to 20 campers with usually 2 teachers) and rotate through 4 classes through 12:30pm. Art, Dance, Music, and Theatre (about 50 minutes each class)
·     Really cool thing is the professional dance shoe rental is included for ballet, jazz, tap
·     Half Day picks up at 12:30 bringing their own snacks clearly labeled
·     Full day stays up to 6pm, bringing their own lunch and snacks clearly labeled in disposable packaging.
·     Additional themed activities and Outdoor play
·     Games and more until pick up

**Our day camps are very active, and students interact with over 13 different teachers and staff EACH DAY. 8:30-12:30 We transition to a new class about every 50 minutes.  
Campers who have a successful camp experience with us:
· Have had successful experiences in other group activities (up to 20 campers in each homeroom, lunch with a combined large group up to 45) 
· Can listen and follow teacher directions 
· Can be kind and use appropriate language
• Can keep their personal space and respect others

Weekly Themes, each year these camps feature shows like Moana, Greatest Showman, Wonderland and more. (different titles each summer)
• Half Day camp 9:00am-12:30pm
• Students learn three scenes, dance numbers and songs adapted from the selected musical of the week.
• Students bring a water bottle and snack from home.
• Brief performance the last half hour of camp on Friday
• Camp starts at 9:00am, doors open at 8:00am
• PM Camp Classics 12:30-6:00pm option available for ages 8-11 if spots available.  

Ages 8-14​​ - Limit 12 campers.
June 3-7: Wonderland - SOLD OUT
June 17-21: Moana - SOLD OUT
June 24-28: The Greatest Showman : SOLD OUT
July 8-12: The Greatest Showman : SOLD OUT
July 15-19: Matilda - SOLD OUT

Sing, dance, and act out scenes and highlights from famous Broadway musicals. Props & costume rental included. An exciting combination of imagination, teamwork, discipline, creativity and passion. Play fun theatre games in this very popular camp! Vocal warm-ups, dance stretches/choreography, script reading/memory and stage blocking, character development and confidence and MORE. Fabulous short stage show for friends and family on final day of camp (last 30 minutes on Friday)(doors open at 8:00am camp starts at 9:00am)

​3. MUSIC INTRO CAMPS - Limit 6 campers.
Piano/Guitar/Ukulele/Music Sampler
• Monday - Friday, one hour daily intro to music camp
• Learn the fundamentals of the instrument of the camp
• Brief performance the last half hour of camp on Friday
• Choose one or more weeks, students will progress in their materials if taking more than one camp.

Piano Fun Camp - Ages 4-10 - beginners. SOLD OUT
Introduce your budding Beethoven to the wonders of playing the piano. We focus on basic piano techniques, rhythm, listening skills, improvisation and creativity.  Fun songs and activities in our age appropriate books. Fun concert featuring your pianists on the final day of camp.

Intro Music Sampler - Ages 8-14 - beginners.
piano, voice, guitar, drums
Can’t decide what instrument is right for your child? Try them all in this fun sampler camp.We focus on basic techniques, rhythms, chords, listening skills, improvisation and creativity.  Fun concert featuring your musician on the final day of camp.
Guitar Fun Camp -  Ages 7-12 - beginners   
Does your child want to learn to play the guitar? Then we have the camp for you… tuning, strumming, rhythm and basic chords and simple melody playing that will have your little guitarist playing tunes by the end of this camp.  The camp concludes with a performance and showcase of all they learned the last day of camp.

Ukulele Fun Camp -  Ages 5-10 - beginners    
Does your child want to learn to play the Ukulele? Then we have the camp for you… tuning, strumming, rhythm and basic chords and simple melody playing that will have your camper playing tunes by the end of this camp.  The camp concludes with a performance and showcase of all they learned the last day of camp.

​Weekly Private and Group Lessons - all ages & levels:
Piano, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Ukulele, Voice, Violin, and Drums. Choose your schedule based on availability.

Summer lessons are included in your tuition. Continuing your lesson study in the summer will keep your skills fresh, and your motivation high. Weekly teaching schedules remain the same through June and July (see School Policies for summer make-up schedules).

Summer is a great time to try a new instrument, art, musical theatre class. Students can decide if they want to continue with their class in the Fall, and get a jump-start on learning.

Interested in a different instrument?


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